Waiting on the World…at the DMV

Dear Sir, what’s your story?

I left the golden island for streets of gold.  I left the warm beach for cold concrete.  I left hopelessness for a chance at happiness.  I left empty pockets and took a chance with these empty hands.  Family?  I left a daughter and a little one on the way.  I came to make it.  I came to the land of dreams.  I came again and again just like you.  Your eye?  I didn’t want to ask.  Vision’s perfect – 20/20 times two.

One Reply to “Waiting on the World…at the DMV”

  1. Victoria!! Hi! Just ran across your post, this one and the one entited “I’m back” . Hope you are ok. Will be keeping you in my prayers as you transition back into non-religious life. I moved to Putnam about a week or so ago, and so I understand a bit about “transitioning” into a different life. God’s blessing to you and your family. Love Dawn

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